Overdose Aid Kit (O.A.K.S.) Resources Now Online

Feb 9, 2023

Overdose Aid Kits, or O.A.Ks, are boxes that include the lifesaving drug Narcan, information on how to administer the drug in an emergency, and other information and resources for those impacted by the opioid epidemic.

In June 2020, Serve You Rx worked with a nonprofit in Wisconsin to create a pilot program to make Narcan more accessible. Through that initiative, 25 boxes containing the lifesaving drug Narcan were installed in areas identified as “hot zones” due to repeated incidences of overdoses occurring in or near those locations. Serve You Rx saw a need to expand efforts outside of Wisconsin and formed a partnership with the nonprofit organization Start Healing Now to grow the initiative into what is now known as the OAK Program.

Today, Serve You Rx and Start Healing Now work with governments, businesses, and more to install OAKs in their communities. The Narcan in each OAK is available for anyone to take, no questions asked, to use in an onsite emergency or to keep in their first-aid kit for future use.

To see flyers that you can share within your county or public space, click here.