Next Steps

While litigation continues against the opioid manufacturers and retailers, state and local governments around the country will soon begin receiving settlement proceeds from the opioid distributors and Johnson & Johnson as part of a nationwide global settlement.

The Wisconsin Counties Association, along with WCA General Counsel Attolles Law, s.c., is working diligently alongside counties to identify opportunities for collaboration and how local governments can work together to maximize abatement efforts.

As we are aware, the opioid epidemic has hit the nation hard. Wisconsin’s counties face this epidemic daily on many fronts, including child welfare services, county jails, public health departments, and social/human services departments. Many counties are addressing the opioid epidemic head on and are implementing programs at the local level to address the needs of those struggling with addiction.

As counties often do, we are working together to create innovative programming and services that will best utilize settlement dollars in abating the opioid epidemic in communities throughout the state.

Mandatory Reporting for Counties on Opioid Litigation Settlement Proceeds
See WCA and legal counsel’s updated version of reporting form here.
Update as of April 22, 2024: As you are likely aware, the 71 counties and 16 municipalities participating in the settlements with the various defendants in the opioid litigation are required under Wis. Stat. sec. 165.12(4)(c) to submit a report of receipts and expenditures annually by May 1. Required statutory reports must be submitted to WCA so they can be compiled and submitted to the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance and Department of Justice by the statutory deadline.